Dwan Challenge Sees Antonius Reap $334,199 Revenge

Online Poker.net reports on the rematch between Dwan and Antonius

Whilst Tom Dwan has recently been busy organising the latest ‘Live Durrr Challenge’ and winning $600k pots against mystery high stakes player ‘Martonas,’ the original ‘durrrr challenge’ has remained all but forgotten for the last two months.

Patrik Antonius has been on an upswing recently and so took the opportunity to invite Dwan to the challenge tables to press on with the contest, who was happy to oblige the young Fin.

The outcome of their latest exchange must have been a welcome relief to Antonius who at their last battle on June 19th lost $764,000 to Dwan over a marathon 15 hour session.

Last night’s 795 hand session took two and a half hours to play and saw the poker pros sitting with 1,000 BB stacks across four tables and playing $200/$400 Pot-Limit. Antonius’s upswing continued relentlessly as he dominated the session and was up $392,347 against Dwan who nothing seemed to go right for.

During the game a total of $7,458,541 was wagered with Antonius winning 3 from 5 of the biggest pots of the night and many of the smaller ones too. It was Dwan who eventually pulled the plug on the session which saw the hands he made outdrawn, whilst his draws failed to materialise and his bluffs were called. He sent a message to Antonius saying: “too tired, gonna try to sleep for a few hrs, mayb we canplay later if ur free when i wakeup, gn”.

This latest exchange brings the challenge to 21,442 hands played out of 50,000, and with 44% of the challenge completed Dwan is still out ahead by $334 199. So far around $165,553,853 has been wagered across the table during the contest.

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