Small-Ball Poker

Poker has many different ways to play your cards . At the moment lets discuss „small-ball“ poker strategy. This can be used very well in online cash games because the blinds never rise .  Self control is very important, along side with knowing your opponents .

Find a tight game  because this will not work well with  agressive players. The amount of money you should take to the cash game tables should be at least the same as the biggest stack at the table , this gives you space to play .

Most important with this style is to advertise yourself as a maniac, player who plays everything ! Raise and bet all the time.

It sounds crazy in the beginning  but you are not risking a big amount  . Most important is position if you are going to be involved  . You will always have more information while sitting in a later position. A big raise is not needed  before the flop, four time raise is very acceptable  . This way you get rid of the bad hands and mostly you can already guess what your up against. We assume  you were called by three opponents, blinds were 10/20. You raised four times before the flop, the pot is now at least 320. Once others have checked you bet four times the blind again, 80 total. You bet ¼ of the pot and chances that others fold their hands are better than the average. You showed strength before and after the flop. It is not important if the flop suited you or not. If one of the opponents answers you or raise then all that matters is your pocket hand  . If the flop suited you then you have the player trapped and if not then just fold  . Most important with this strategy is patience and sober mind. Raising all the time and betting makes opponents confused or sometimes even makes them nervous and they start making mistakes . This is what you need  . Your agenda  is to set a trap and if you catch something then the profit will be big. It is not important to wait for big hands , 4-5 suited for example is a very potential hand. Search for  a poker room which houses people  who prefer a tight game style. You can find a very good room  on the Entraction network, Noxwin Poker. They also have 30% Noxwin Rakeback.

By choosing this kind of play style you generate a lot of rake meaning you could get very good Rakeback. Maniac style means you have to play many  hands to make yourself look like  a loose player which results in you paying a lot of rake and getting a decent amount of it back. If you choose to test this strategy then you will most likely learn a lot and very fast.

Good luck!

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