Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth leave Ultimate Bet

Two huge announcements by online poker room Ultimate Bet. Both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth are leaving the online poker site. It could be that both their contracts ended at the same time or they were bought out of their contracts. It’s hard to speculate at this time and they most likely have confidentiality agreements about the severance.
Annie Duke posts this statement on her blog:
It’s bittersweet, but I’ve decided to leave UB.
I have nothing but positive things to say about UB and my experiences with the brand, management team, and dedicated employees who work hard every day to deliver a terrific online poker experience for players like you.
I’ve sincerely enjoyed wearing the UB patch, but it’s time for me to move on.
So why am I leaving UB? In a nutshell, professional and personal growth.
I’m going to explore and pursue other business opportunities on a full-time basis. And, while I will no longer be a part of UB, I will remain a part of the online and offline poker community and am confident that we will continue to cross paths playing this amazing game that we all love.
See you at the tables – always,
Ultimate Bet posts in their marketing news:
The poker pro who is famous for his grand WSOP entrances is making one final exit.
Today we are announcing that and Phil Hellmuth have mutually parted ways. It has been great working with Phil over the last decade and we know we’re with the rest of the poker world when we say that we look forward to Phil’s next move on the world poker circuit.
While Hellmuth is no doubt an instantly recognizable poker personality, Team UB will continue to be stacked with young, aggressive poker professionals who today’s passionate online poker players can really identify with.

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