Sit n Go: The Bubble. Part 2

Considering stack sizes on the bubble

Big Stack

If you are the big stack, you should avoid another big stack who has a similar number of chips like the plague! Don’t put in a lot of chips against the other big stack unless you have the nuts, or close to it!

Medium Stack

As a medium stack, you need to watch the bigger stacks. If all the bigger stacks have folded, act like a big stack yourself. If someone who’s got you covered is still in, tighten up three categories in the cut-off and two categories on the button when pushing. You can also act like a big stack if you’re calling a shorter stack and there’s not much chance of a bigger stack calling. If you’re thinking about calling a bigger stack’s all-in, be careful!

Short Stack

As the short stack, act like a medium stack when pushing, but call like a big stack. If you get really short, say under three big blinds, push all-in on any two cards whenever you’re in a blind.

Correct all-in pushes on the bubble

The hand categories used in this chart are defined in theĀ first article of this series.

Your Position You’re the biggest unfolded stack An active player has a bigger stack
Cut-off Category 8 Category 5
Button or Small Blind Category 8 Category 6

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